CANCELLATION ! Monthly Meetings & Spring Art Show

We regret to announce that, due to the current COVID-19 emergency, our regular monthly meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

We are doubly regretful to announce that our annual SPRING ART SHOW scheduled for mid-May has also been cancelled. We are hoping to reschedule the show later in the year…but that will depend on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, the availability of the Jacob Woll Pavilion, and the logistics of scheduling another show around other shows normally held at that time of the year.


2020 Kickoff Meeting

The McKeesport Art Group’s first meeting of 2020 is scheduled for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, at 1:00 PM at the Jacob Wohl Pavillion.

Although our meetings are traditionally held on the THIRD MONDAY of the month, we must move our meeting to the third Tuesday of February because the third Monday, February 17, is Presidents Day. Our meeting place must be unlocked for us by City of McKeesport employees and those employees do not work on Presidents Day.

Details of our February meeting will be published shortly……STAY TUNED !!!

View of bench against christmas tree and shining lantern through snowing. Night shot.